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  Command Staff Training    April 24, 2014

Command Staff Training Calendar

    In-Service Class are 0700-1530 Hrs. Unless Otherwise Noted.

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April 2014

4/24/2014 - 4/23/2015

Target Audience: Command Staff and Managers Prerequisite: None
Hours - Total: 16 Career: 12 Legal: 4 Cultural: 0
Start Date/Time: 05/20/2014 End Date/Time: 05/21/2014
Location: Academy
Instructor: Randy Means Coordinator: Veena Oberoi
Total Seats: 35 Available Seats: 9
Change/Info: Class Hours 0700-1530
Randy Means is highly regarded for the clear, direct and actionable information he provides in his presentations.  In the high risk, high liability areas of law enforcement, managers must constantly battle the threat of civil liability.Injury and death are daily concerns.Today, lawsuits question whether a law enforcement agency has responsibly planned and managed a broad array of operational and administrative dynamics.The agency’s written policies are challenged a...
Target Audience: All Prerequisite: None
Hours - Total: 8 Career: 8 Legal: 0 Cultural: 0
Start Date/Time: 05/23/2014 End Date/Time: 05/23/2014
Location: Academy
Instructor: Jim Anderson Coordinator: Veena Oberoi
Total Seats: 35 Available Seats: 0
Change/Info: The bus departs the Academy promptly at 0700
This interactive day-long course takes the classroom to the field through a visit to the Civil War battlefield at Manassas.The instructor will identify and illustrate key leadership characteristics using actual Civil War leaders and their actions before, during and following combat.The discussion also will demonstrate the importance and impact of leadership and decision-making, using both positive and negative examples from the largest military engagement of this pivotal period in U.S. history.T...
Target Audience: Command Staff Prerequisite: None
Hours - Total: 12 Career: 12 Legal: 0 Cultural: 0
Start Date/Time: 06/10/2014 End Date/Time: 06/11/2014
Location: Academy
Instructor: FLETC Coordinator: Veena Oberoi
Total Seats: 30 Available Seats: 26
Change/Info: 1st day 0800-1630 2nd day 0800-1200
Note the new date:June 10-11 Hours first day 0800 - 1630, second day 0800 - 1200 The Implementing Intelligence-Led Policing Training Program is a day and a half program specifically for chief executives and command level personnel. The course examines the historical aspects of ILP and promotes an understanding of the principles of this important law enforcement philosophy. The course closely looks at the critical elements of ILP and demonstrates how the law enforcement executive can use them...
Target Audience: Command and Supervisors Prerequisite: None
Hours - Total: 16 Career: 16 Legal: 0 Cultural: 0
Start Date/Time: 06/11/2014 End Date/Time: 06/12/2014
Location: Academy
Instructor: Means & Seidel Coordinator: Veena Oberoi
Total Seats: 35 Available Seats: 15
Class Hours 0700-1530 Ethical decisions and behavior don’t necessarily occur automatically. Helpful leadership initiatives are often needed. Law enforcement organizations expend tremendous resources hiring and training qualified officers. Yet, each year agencies throughout the nation are forced to discipline and separate officers for immoral or illegal conduct. The embarrassment caused by such acts can jeopardize important investigations, damage the public trust, and expose...

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