The Academy has a Use of Force Supervisor Position Vacancy. Click on employment to apply.

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  Employment    August 30, 2014


The Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy is an Equal Opportunity Employer


[Download the Announcement as a PDF]



Bachelor’s Degree; supplemented by six (6) years previous experience and/or training in a criminal justice agency with a minimum of two (2) years supervisory experience in a criminal justice agency; or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience.


Special Requirements


Must possess, or obtain during the probationary employment period (one year), and maintain Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services General Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, and Firearms Instructor certifications.


Must possess a valid driver’s license from state/district of residence.


Successful candidates must pass a background investigation and complete a one-year probationary period.


General Description of Duties


Under general supervision, the purpose of the position is to coordinate, schedule, and supervise all Use of Force/Use of Deadly Force training, to include the Defensive Tactics and Firearms Training programs, for NVCJA basic recruits. Employees in this classification perform specialized supervisory work. Position is responsible for supervising staff instructors and assisting them in instructing on a daily basis; coordinates all use of force curriculum, training materials, and information; conducts staff meetings; conducts program evaluations and institutes changes; conducts classroom and field training instruction; coordinates, plans, and schedules training; and prepares and maintains files and reports. Performs related work as required; additional and specific duties are outlined below.


Duties and Responsibilities


The Use of Force Supervisor:


·        Coordinates all use-of-force curricula, training material, and information with NVCJTA basic staff and participating agencies; prepares and reviews all lesson plans to ensure that all lesson plans are kept accurate and complete and that they are updated each session; researches lesson plan materials (videos, periodicals, training manuals) to ensure training and instruction is realistic, applicable, and effective for law enforcement.


·        Supervises, counsels, disciplines, and trains assigned staff.


·        Conducts staff meetings as needed to ensure quality and consistency in training techniques and daily instruction and to resolve problems with training and individual trainees; reviews all training techniques prior to staff meetings to ensure that all training is in compliance with state mandates as well as NVCTJA training objectives.


·        Conducts program evaluations and initiates necessary changes, including visiting other training sites, talking with trainers, and receiving updated training.


·        Coordinates, plans, and schedules basic firearms training with representatives of member agency police firing ranges; acts as a liaison between NVCJTA and firearms range personnel regarding equipment, training, and personnel needs.


·        Conducts classroom and field training instruction to basic recruits in defensive training, use of force, and firearms; prepares instructional presentations, booklets and handouts for field training.


·        Prepares, files, and maintains all required reports and training records in an accurate and timely manner; completes annual performance appraisals of assigned staff members to include trainee evaluations.


·        Schedules and coordinates maintenance of equipment, weapons, and facilities.


·        Plans, schedules, and coordinates equipment and training needs with NVCJTA and participating agencies.


·        Enforces Academy rules, policies, and procedures and all applicable safety standards for both trainees and staff.


·        Prepares budget requests and maintains a current inventory and control of equipment and supplies.


·        Answers questions regarding use-of-force incidents and tactics from participating agency officials; may testify in court regarding use-of-force incidents and tactics for participating agencies.


·        Performs special projects assigned by the Deputy Director for Basic Training, including implementing new practical exercises, utilizing the firearms simulator, overseeing the Applied Patrol Procedures exercises, and conducting research.


·        Performs safety guidelines for newly-initiated training techniques, lesson plans, and activities.


·        Plans, schedules, and coordinates training needs for Academy instructors.


·        Conducts instructional presentations, reviews booklets and handouts for field training.


·        Assumes the role of Basic Training Manager in his/her absence.


·        Provides required proofs of compliance for DCJS and CALEA Certification and Re – Accreditation processes.


·        Assumes responsibility and accountability for all defensive tactics equipment.


Salary and Benefits:


The starting salary for this position is $56,484 but is negotiable, based on qualifications.


This position offers an extensive benefits package, including comprehensive life and health insurance, vacation and sick leave accrual, and a retirement benefits package.




The Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy (NVCJTA) is located in Loudoun County at 45299 Research Place, Ashburn, Virginia 20147-2600.


To Apply:


Please send resumes and cover letters in care of Mr. Albert C. Oglesby, the Accreditation Manager at the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy, 45299 Research Place Ashburn, Va. 20147-2600, telephone number (703) 729-4299 (ext. 118), fax number (703) 729-4634, or e-mail


The announcement will be open and resumes and cover letters will be accepted by mail, e-mail, or fax until 4:30 p.m. on Friday, September 12, 2014.  Once your resume and cover letter have been received by the Academy, you will be notified in writing (please provide an e-mail address). If you do not receive a return e-mail, please contact Mr. Oglesby.


Reasonable Accommodation:


Applicants with disabilities may request reasonable accommodation during the selection process.  This request should be made in a timely manner to the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy and may include an alternate format application or other accommodation at the mutual agreement of the Academy and applicant.


The Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy does not discriminate in employment on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability.


All Academy buildings and training facilities are smoke free.


The Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy is an equal opportunity employer.


45299 Research Place, Ashburn, VA 20147 (view map) | (703) 729-4299 | Fax (703) 729-4634

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