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  Employment    September 5, 2015




Minimum of a Bachelor 's level degree preferred , but not required, in either Video Production , Education, Instructional Design, or Instructional Technology, or related field.

Has operated digital video editing systems; has created broadcast-quality video presentations and has operated equipment used in audio/video production and editing. Has working knowledge of personal computers, PowerPoint , and has familiarity with graphic design techniques .

Some background in training, law enforcement, and/or program management is desired but not required.

Proficiency in social media video channels (e.g.,YouTube, Instagram , Vine); proficiency also in PowerPoint, Microsoft Word.

Some experience in e-learning design, development, and delivery of online and blended learning solutions.

Competent and knowledgeable in the area of multimedia hardware (scanners, digital cameras, video cameras, printers , etc.).

One-to-three (1-3) years of previous experience and/or training or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience.

Special Requirements

Must possess avalid driver's license from state/district of residence . Successful candidates must pass a background investigation and complete a one-year probationary period.

General Description of Duties

Under general supervision, the primary purpose of the position is to coordinate law enforcement training programs and provide technical and physical support for the production of audiovisual presentations and online learning classes. Employees in this position will assist with creating both traditional and online classes suitable for uploading to the Academy' s e-learning management platform. Additionally , a person in this position will record and edit video and create web-based trainings. Employees will coordinate the delivery of in-service lci:)V enforcement training for member agency officers and deputies.


Duties and Responsibilities


Identifies, develops, and coordinates In-Service law enforcement programs to satisfy training needs.

Assists in all aspects of video production (i.e., operates camera, edits video, etc.) to support the development of training programs.

Coordinates with department Training Officers and oth er representatives concerning enrollment (via email, voice, or in person), course requirements, and arrangements for agency courses; maintains and updates course enrollment in Academy computer system.

Supports the entire media process, including creating, digitizing, and editing multiple sources of audio and video, as well as preparing media files for final consumption via streaming or other distribution technologies.

Conducts initial orientation for classes, ensuring students complete all necessary paperwork to include registration, daily rosters, and course evaluations.

Uses live-action cameras, lighting, and remote audio devices. Edits media using computer­ based editing systems for the purpose of adding narration, music, and/or graphics.


Consults and collaborates with instructional staff on design, development, and evaluation of instructional programs, materials, and methods.

Use various media file types and data compression techniques to deliver video and interactive media.

Consults with staff on effective instructional design for online courses; provides suggestions and feedback on the most effective online strategies.

Reviews and edits faculty-developed content so that it is grammatically correct and reflects best practices.

Evaluates training and instructors to ensure all training meets Academy and DCJS requirements.

Serves as a resource providing information and assistance on training courses, training methods, and techniques to agency members, the law enforcement community, and external organizations.

Ensures course and individual records areprepared and maintained.

Transports a variety of equipment and supplies (e.g. cameras,, stands, microphones, video projectors, screens, laptop computers, surge protectors, cables, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring the availability of materials required to complete assignments.

Analyzes student evaluations of course content and assessment of instructors; drafts overall assessment of training courses.

Coordinates and evaluates the testing procedures for In-Service courses.

Develops a schedule for training courses, makes copies, binds and assembles workbooks, handouts, and outlines for courses.

Coordinates and oversees off-site and agency DCJS-approved courses.

Sets up and checks all audiovisual and computer presentation equipment ensuring classrooms are equipped and ready for students and instructors.

Monitors classroom activities to ensure training meets DCJS and Academy rules and regulations.

Reviews class enrollments for individual classes to determine whether there is sufficient emollment for the class to be conducted.

Contacts all instructors and consultants to determine logistical requirements for training courses. Interacts with students to determine if training is practical, realistic, and up-to-date.

Conducts monitoring and evaluation of students participating in Instructor Apprenticeship programs in compliance with existing DCJS standards.


Provides training to staff on the use of video technology to enhance learning. Orders classroom and training supplies as needed.
Ensures classrooms are clean and set up for training.

Answers telephone calls; responds to questions and provides information.

Picks up training paperwork, training props, and equipment for classes inthe metropolitan area.

Provides required proofs of compliance from the In-Service Section for DCJS and CALEA certification andre- accreditation processes.

Performs related duties as required.

Salary and Benefits:

The starting salary for this position is $52,559.00, depending on qualifications and experience.

The Academy is generally closed on Mondays and usually follows a four-days-per-week schedule, Tuesday -Friday, 6:00 a.m. -4:30 p.m.

This position offers an extensive benefits package, including comprehensive life and health insurance, vacation and sick leave accrual, and retirement benefits.


The Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy (NVCJTA) is located in Loudoun County at 45299 Research Place, Ashburn, Virginia 20147-2600.

To Apply

Please send resumes and cover letters in care of Mr. Albert C. Oglesby, the Accreditation/Curriculum Manager, at the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy, 45299 Research Place Ashburn, Va. 20147-2600, telephone number (703) 729-4299, extension 118, fax number (703) 729-4634, or email at aoglesby@nvcja.org.

The announcement will be open and resumes and cover letters will be accepted by mail, e-mail, or fax until 12 noon on Friday, September 4, 2015. Once your resume and cover letter have been received by the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy, you will be notified in writing (please provide an email address). Ifyou do not receive a return email, please contact Mr. Oglesby.

Reasonable Accommodation

Applicants with disabilities may request reasonable accommodation during the selection process. This request should be made in a timely manner to the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy and may include an alternate format application or other accommodation at the mutual agreement of the Academy and applicant.

The Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy does not discriminate in employment on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability.

All Academy buildings and training facilities are smoke free.


The Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy, 45299 Research Place, Ashburn, Virginia, 20147 (703) 729-4299, is an equal opportunity employer.



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