The Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy is scheduled for an on-site assessment as part of a program to achieve national re-accreditation by verifying it meets professional standards.

As part of the on-site assessment, agency employees, academy member law enforcement agencies, the law enforcement training community and the public are invited to offer comments.


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  Roll Call of Honor    October 8, 2015

Roll Call of Honor

In November 2004, the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy installed a memorial stone at the front entrance to the academy in order to commemorate the lives of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their communities.  The prominent inscription on the memorial reads: "Dedicated to the memory of those who died while in service to their communities.  Their lives and professionalism inspire all who follow."  Following are the names and the dates of the deaths of our Fallen Heroes whose lives will forever be remembered on this Academy Memorial:


  Karen J. Bassford
Fairfax County Police Department
July 27, 1977

Israel P. Gonzalez
Arlington County Police Department
October 25, 1972
  Tommy F. Bernal
Fairfax County Police Department
June 28, 2001

Charles W. Hill
City of Alexandria Police Department
March 22, 1989
  Conrad L. Birney
City of Alexandria Police Department
December 27, 1972

Raymond Hubbard
Prince George's County Police Department
February 8, 1982
  John W. Buckley
Arlington County Police Department
April 15, 1977

James K. Kennedy
Knox County Sheriff's Office
March 27, 1984
  Charles H. Barton
Loudoun County Sheriff's Office
August 22, 1995

Marlon F. Morales
Metro Transit Police Department
June 13, 2001
  Andrew M. Chelchowski
City of Alexandria Police Department
July 29, 1993

Michael Pennington
Prince William County Police Department
November 22, 1990
  John D. Conner III
Manassas City Police Department
July 24, 1988

George L. Pomraning
Arlington County Police Department
September 2, 1973
  Arthur J. Chorovich
Arlington County Police Department
December 5, 1964

William G. Truesdale
City of Alexandria Office of the Sheriff
January 27, 1981
  Harry Davis, Jr.
Metro Transit Police Department
December 19, 1993

Paul T. White, Jr.
Prince William County Police Department
October 27, 1973
  Morton M. Ford III
City of Alexandria Police Department
June 18, 2011

Eugene Yoakum
City of Alexandria Police Department
September 27, 1964
  Michael E. Garbarino
Fairfax County Police Department
May 17, 2006

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