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INSTRUCTIONAL GOAL: This class will teach criminal justice personnel how to read and interpret people’s actions and responses while also focusing on the psyche of officer’s survival. This class will help the criminal justice professional to understand their role and function in an ever-changing world of stress, distress and violence. The course will focus on dealing and intervening with the “Good”, the “Bad” and the “Ugly” sides of law enforcement work.


To identify factors that leads to and cause critical life events for people.

To assist the students understand the physical connection of stress through medical research.

To describe the functioning and effect of human perception and response.

To describe the impacts and response to stress.

To explore the dynamics of managing and influencing people and crisis.

To identify and describe personality types and their response to the stress of life’s events. To review violent behavior and the criminal personality, including youth violence. The biology, psychology and sociology of violence will be reviewed.

To develop the profile of law enforcement killers and officers who are more prone to be killed. To identify and develop intervention strategies when dealing with victims of crimes. To explore and develop an understanding of the dynamics of fear. To review the findings on the psyche of survival and the relevance of mental rehearsal. To review and discuss chronic stress and the law enforcement officer and coping methodologies.

Instructor Bio:

Dr. George Flanagan has more than 25 years experience in the field of leadership, education and development having served in both the public and private sector in Europe and the United States.  He has facilitated significant innovative organizational change processes involving organizations from over 20 nations including more than 150 executive retreats focusing on organizational strategy and wellness.

He has developed programs and consulted with executives in the private sector from Casio, Federal Reserve, American Bankers Association, American Plastics Society, QSI, CTX, Wackenhut, Litton PRC, Northrop Grumman, NOVEC, TMGE (Toshiba, Mitsubishi, General Electric) and many others.

Dr.Flanagan has also provided consultation and developed programs in the public sector for the State Department, Justice Department, Department of Energy, US Navy, US Army, County of Fairfax, County of Prince William, County of Henrico, City of Columbus, City of Westerville and many more.

Has been featured as a keynote speaker at a number of conferences in the areas of leadership, team building, problem solving and psychometrics. 

He has served as adjunct faculty member in graduate business and management programs at George Washington University, Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy, Fairfax County Criminal Justice Academy, Prince William Criminal Justice Academy, Richmond Criminal Justice Academy, Norfolk Criminal Justice Academy, Palm Beach Criminal Justice Academy, Bossier Criminal Justice Institute.

 He holds a Ph.D. in Psychology.  M.S. Business and Management.  M.A. Counseling

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