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Police Workload Analysis and Patrol Deployment

Today’s fiscal constraints have never been more challenging.  Learn how to optimize the effectiveness of your human and material resources.

 This class is a low stress, work-at-your-own pace environment.  A two-day seminar, the class imparts comprehensive procedural guides into the intricacies of patrol allocation methodologies – including elementary formula calculations, together with the essentials of strategically planning for redeployment of human and material patrol resources, consistent with orderly progress and efficient communications within fiscal capabilities. In two days students will learn these vital managerial skill sets, and how to:


Establish Reporting Data Accuracy and Integrity

Analyze Calls for Service and other Relevant Workload Data

Examine Topography and Access Issues

Determine the Optimum Number of Officers to Deploy

Equalize and Optimize Workload between and among posts

Determine the Beat/post Boundaries and Shapes, their Placement, Juxtaposition and Size

Compute Relief Factors

Construct the Patrol Table of Organization

Optimize Human Resource Levels

Economize/Conserve HR Strengths

Explore Alternative Methods of Enforcement

Analyze and Critique System Effectiveness

The seminar culminates in a simulated redeployment, complete with workload calculations, post creation, placement, and affiliated considerations.  Each student receives individual assistance with his or her project and gains continuing access to confer with the instructor following the end of the seminar.


Instructor Bio:

John F. Reintzell
has trained over ten thousand supervisory and command members of the criminal justice field in Maryland, Northern Virginia and federal law enforcement. Primary areas of expertise include leadership, stress management, workload and crime analysis, criminal justice administration and supervision and police report writing. He has done extensive training in the fields of leadership, supervision and management for both police and correctional leaders. He is the author of books on police survival and health and Confederate war management and conducts leadership and management seminars on the battlefields at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and Antietam Creek in Maryland. He currently teaches for the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions, the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy, police agencies and criminal justice organizations within Maryland and the federal government. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland at College Park, Maryland and the FBI’s National Academy at Quantico, Virginia. 

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