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Designed for those who plan to become instructors or as a refresher course. Course emphasis is on presentation skills, techniques and procedures for producing valid lesson plans, analyzing and developing basic testing methodologies, and class presentations. Course is conducted in a workshop experiential learning format. Required for state certification. 

Instructor Bio:

Joanne S. Valdes

Since 1979, Joanne has delivered over 7,000 hours of training to criminal justice agencies, specifically police and sheriff’s departments throughout the U.S. She spent eight years as Training Manager for Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy focusing on curriculum design and development, training trainers, performance evaluation, training needs assessment, and human resource development for local police and sheriff’s departments. Her clients include Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy, Prince William County Criminal Justice Academy, Fairfax County Training Academy, Broward County Sheriff’s Department, Virginia State Department of Criminal Justice Services, Naval Investigative Service, City of Newport News, Virginia Police Department, Ventura County, California Police Department, Rocky Mount, N.C. Police Department, the State Academy of Corrections. She holds a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Education.

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