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Verbal Judo is the only tactical communication course in America. The principles and tactics taught enable graduates to use “presence and words” to calm difficult people who may be under severe emotional or other influences, redirect the behavior of hostile people, diffuse potentially dangerous situations, perform professionally under all conditions and achieve the desired outcome in the encounter.   

Verbal Judo teaches a philosophy of how to look creatively at conflict and use specific strategies and tactics to find peaceful resolutions.  These skills are beneficial to officers in their duties because dealing with the public is often difficult and trying emotionally.  Maintaining a “professional face” is crucial if officers are to remain under emotional control and able to effectively find solutions to potentially violent encounters without escalating to physical force options.  Further, where there are times that such physical force options are indeed necessary to protect both citizens and officers, such force must always be part of the professional process so officers are protected within the four arenas: with our peers, on the streets, in the courtroom, and with the media.   

Covered: Tactics, techniques and procedures to verbally: control confrontations, gaining voluntary compliance and reducing liability and the need for use-of-force, in a hostile environment.

Instructor Bio:                                         Mike Manley

Vice President of Operations and Trainer for the Verbal Judo Institute, Mike has created an exciting, edge of your seat, powerfully informative Verbal Judo presentation. Mike brings mastery to the classroom as a result of his extensive experience. That experience includes 23 years of hands on conflict resolution in the streets of New York City as a police officer. Before his retirement from NYPD, Lieutenant Manley created, staffed and administered The Verbal Judo Training Unit of the New York City Police Department. His duties included the Verbal Judo training of 15,000 Police Officers, Detectives, Supervisors, Executive Staff and Civilian members of the New York City Police Department. After gathering additional experience and credibility in the classroom, he developed into one of NYPD's most valued instructors. Prior to his moving on into the private sector, he assisted in creating the internationally renowned CPR (Courtesy Professionalism Respect) program. This Verbal Judo technique (Tactical Communication) allows police officers to generate cooperation and defuse hostility while treating people with respect.

As Vice President of Operations, Mike coordinates and oversees the training conducted by Associate Instructors when not conducting training courses himself for private corporations, customer service representatives, educational institutions, security departments and law enforcement throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean for the Verbal Judo Institute.

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