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Ethical decisions and behavior don’t necessarily occur automatically. Helpful leadership initiatives are often needed.

Law enforcement organizations expend tremendous resources hiring and training qualified officers. Yet, each year agencies throughout the nation are forced to discipline and separate officers for immoral or illegal conduct. The embarrassment caused by such acts can jeopardize important investigations, damage the public trust, and expose agencies to unnecessary litigation. Despite the importance of ethics, most law enforcement professionals receive only a few hours of training during their careers. This course explores the reasons officers engage in unethical behavior, and what law enforcement agencies can do to minimize those problems—through leadership and management initiatives.

Instructor Bio:

Randy Means served first as head of the legal department at a state law enforcement training center, then for nearly 10 years as in-house counsel to a major city police department. For 20 years, he was the primary legal and risk management instructor for the IACP. He has spoken at 10 of its annual conferences, as well as the FBINAA, PRIMA, IPMA, and ILEETA and has worked with police ethics issues for 32 years. His law degree is from the University of North Carolina.

Capt. Greg Seidel left the Petersburg (VA) Police Bureau after 25 years of service to become Training Director for Thomas & Means. During his police service, he led SWAT teams and eventually commanded both Investigative and Patrol Divisions. A graduate of the FBI National Academy, he is one of America’s most effective leaders/teachers in management and ethics. His decorations include the Combat Cross & the Purple Heart.


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