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This course is composed of two specific training sessions: the Level A and the Level B VCIN Operator Certification classes. Students attending either course will develop the ability to obtain and then apply information from the VCIN/NCIC/Code Manuals.  Since the Level B Operator course is a prerequisite for a Level A Certification, the Level B Operator Course is taught the first day and a half to all attending students. It provides each student with the knowledge necessary to properly conduct NCIC and VCIN inquiries (queries) through the VCIN system. Successful completion qualifies the student as a Level B operator. The Level A Operator class follows the Level B Course and it provides the students with more detailed knowledge of the VCIN system and prepares them to make entries into the various wanted files. Successful completion qualifies the student as a Level A Operator. 

Note: The Course does not provide students with hands-on VCIN terminal training; it is highly recommended that students become familiar with their agencies VCIN Terminals prior to attending this class.

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