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The Office of the Secretary of Public Safety, in cooperation with the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) is pleased to announce a one day train-the-trainer session for law enforcement instructors seeking a basic understanding of criminal street gang investigations, to be taught at their respective agencies. Street gangs and their frequent criminal behavior have had an adverse impact on communities throughout the Commonwealth. This train-the-trainer course is designed to provide participants with the tools and materials needed to deliver a basic course on criminal street gang investigations to their fellow officers.

Who Should Attend?

This basic gang investigations training is intended primarily for Virginia law enforcement officers assigned as trainers in their respective agencies as well as those assigned to investigate criminal street gangs in Virginia. This training is open to sworn Virginia law enforcement officers only.

Topics to be covered include:

This course will provide basic information needed to understand criminal street gang investigation including:

  • The roles and responsibilities of gang investigators
  • Gang laws and key legal issues
  • Gang member identification and officer safety
  • Gang investigation: crime scene management and witness interviewing
  • Gang investigation: social media and digital evidence
  • Gang investigation: search warrants, suspect interviewing, and continuing investigation
  • Preparing and presenting evidence


There is no registration fee for this course. Participants are responsible for transportation, lodging, and meal expenses.  Click the link below to register:  



Instructor Bio

Chris Rush is employed as a police officer in the State of Virginia with the Harrisonburg Police Department and is currently the coordinator of the CHARGE (Combined Harrisonburg and Rockingham Gang Enforcement) Unit.  He has been in Law Enforcement work for thirteen (13) years and has primarily worked narcotics investigations and gang investigations for almost eight (8) of those ten years.  In that time, Chris was primarily assigned to a State Narcotics Task Force.  During his time working narcotics, Chris worked in and managed a number of different types of narcotics cases.  He has been assigned as the undercover operative in both short term and long-term investigations, has worked hundreds of informants, been involved in hundreds of search warrants and has managed interdiction operations and undercover cases.  He has also been deputized with the DEA and FBI as a Special Investigative Officer and investigated cases throughout the Unites States.  Chris is currently a partner of The TCB Group, which is a consulting company established to provide training to law enforcement officers in the area of narcotics enforcement.  Chris currently teaches in the topics of undercover management, functions of the undercover operative, drug interdiction techniques, drug identification, search and seizure issues, handling of informants, gang awareness and recognition and operational planning.  Before joining The TCB Group, Chris was also an instructor with the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services Drug Cadre Unit and an instructor with the Virginia Community Policing Institute.  Chris is also a member of the International Narcotics Officers Association, the International Association of Undercover Officers, the Mid-Atlantic Region Gang Investigators Association (MARGIN) and also sits on the board of directors for the VA Gang Investigator’s Association (VGIA).

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