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Effective people are an agency’s most important asset.  Healthy, long-term relationships rely on trust-filled interactions among law enforcement personnel and between citizens and agency personnel.  The Franklin Covey 7 Habits for Law Enforcement workshop is an inspiring three-day experience where you interact with other law enforcement professionals seeking to improve their personal lives and job performance by applying The 7 Habits.  The knowledge and skills learned in this workshop are immediately applicable for line personnel, supervisors, and executives.

FranklinCovey partnered with the U.S. Department of Justice/COPS Office to design, tailor, and deliver this workshop to address the specific needs of law enforcement.  Based on the principles found in the #1 best-selling business book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits for Law Enforcement provides a comprehensive foundation for fostering change and developing trust and teamwork within your organization. 

True organizational change starts from the inside – from within each individual.  When officers act on principle rather than emotional impulses, they make the right decisions, even in highly-charged situations.  Implementing the principles of The 7 Habits for Law Enforcement helps you:
• Define yourself from within to be a more influential leader
• Increase productivity and enhance motivation at all levels
• Develop and communicate your organization’s mission, vision, and values
• Increase trust and teamwork in the community and within your agency
• Serve your community more effectively through a clearer understanding of citizen and stakeholder needs
• Balance all aspects of life by achieving and maintaining physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being
• Enhance the overall effectiveness and quality of your performance.

"This class was better than I anticipated and one of the best classes I have ever taken.  It will help with my personal and professional development."

"Thought provoking content that provided ideas about problem resolution.  It also allows the student to explore themselves and help lay out plans to achieve their goals."

Instructor Bio:

Lynda O’Connell has served as the Executive Director of the Virginia Center for Policing Innovation since 1999. In that time, Lynda transformed VCPI from a fledgling grant program into a sustainable nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization, providing training and other services to public safety agencies and the communities they serve nationwide. Under Lynda’s leadership, VCPI received the Governor’s Excellence in Community Safety Award, trained over 30,000 law enforcement officers and other public safety officials in over 350,000 training hours, and developed dozens of training programs in response to critical issues facing public safety across the United States. Lynda expanded the services of VCPI beyond training to include the coordination and implementation of public safety services such as court security assessments, automated victim notification, and enhancements to the Virginia Sex Offender Registry. Lynda conducts leadership training nationwide and routinely participates in task force and committee activities, addressing such issues as methamphetamines, youth gun violence, court security, and immigration. Lynda has served public safety for thirteen years including service as a patrol officer/county deputy. She has also worked as a clinical program manager for a pharmaceutical research company for several years, gaining skills in program management, administration, and business development. Lynda earned her Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in criminal justice, from Radford University and a Master’s degree in public administration from Virginia Commonwealth University. Lynda holds a Master’s certificate in business management from Tulane University and is a Certified Association Executive with the American Society of Association Executives.


As Director of Programs for VCPI, Adam Wojcicki works with staff, organizational partners and contractors in order to ensure the quality and success of VCPI projects. Adam also oversees the development of VCPI program content, curriculum and project related technology initiatives. Adam has over 15 years of law enforcement experience and has been recognized for his work in court security, crime prevention, and critical infrastructure protection. Adam’s professional experience includes patrol, supervisory and administrative level assignments including as a patrol sergeant, accreditation manager, Director of Professional Standards and Staff Assistant to the Chief of Police. Adam is a published author, and has been a valuable asset to VCPI as a subject matter expert for many years. Adam has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in the Administration of Justice, a Graduate Certificate in Public Safety and a Master of Science in Criminal Justice from Virginia Commonwealth University.

This workshop is presented under license from Franklin Covey®. 

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