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We currently have six online classes approved for DCJS credit available to our member agencies.  For the first time, it is now possible for officers and deputies to receive all of their required MIR hours without ever coming to the Academy.  Online classes provide our students with the ability to take classes 24/7 from any computer terminal with Internet access. In this reporting period, our member agencies’ students took advantage of online classes with eight hundred eighty two (882) students successfully completing online training.  MIR online classes offered during the last six months on our TRAX online platform include the following:

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Legal for Field Training Officers

MIR=4 LEGAL. The target audience for this course is current FTO's and those considering becoming an FTO. It is a valuable course for all trainers and supervisors. Commonwealth’s Attorney Bryan Porter hosts this course designed as a refresher on various legal topics that are important for FTO’s, trainers and supervisors to know. This course will serve as a re-certification for Field Training Officers and will provide you with four hours of legal MIR.

Legal Updates for Law Enforcement

MIR=4 LEGAL. The Legal Update course is designed to provide legal instruction covering the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 14th amendment, issues that could impact patrol officers and patrol deputies. Emphasis is on actual case law from the U.S. Supreme Court, Virginia Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. Participants explored search and seizure issues, interrogations, liability issues and how to get the evidence admitted.

Legal Updates for Corrections, Court Security and Process Servers

MIR=4 LEGAL. This course provides a refresher on various legal topics that are important for sheriff’s deputies: Legal parameters that affect the following jail operations: Basic rights of a jail inmate; Authority of jail personnel to search jail cells; Authority of jail personnel to intercept and monitor inmate mail and phone calls; Conducting interviews in jails; Authority of the sheriff, and important matters concerning civil process.

Building Trust

MIR=CULTURAL 2/CAREER DEVELOPMENT 2. This online program provides the students with an examination of some of the keys to enhancing trust and confidence between police and communities. In this thought provoking presentation, Assistant Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy Director Dean Goodwin will guide you through each module each of the four modules. You will learn to examine your own biases, how to deal with Arab and Muslim Americans, and the importance of procedural justice. This online presentation features Professor Joseph Williams of George Mason University, Chief Greg Brown of the Leesburg Police Department, Retired Chief Earl Cook of Alexandria Police Department and several former recruits from our Academy.

Suicide Prevention in Jails:IPR Defense

MIR=2 CAREER DEVELOPMENT. Jail suicide will always be a concern for the local jail. Many inmate lawsuits concern inmate suicides, and in some cases jails have paid out large amounts to families of deceased inmates after a finding of liability. Other cases are settled, and media exposure can be negative. The line jail officer and supervisor are the first line of defense in preventing inmate suicide. This presentation will focus on what correctional legal experts think is the central core of suicide prevention. The identity of suicidal inmates – what signs and symptoms to watch out for, how jail officers can take measures to protect the inmate from self-harm, and the proper response to a suicide event. This is a common sense, clear presentation on information that can be useful to any line jail officer and supervisor, with an emphasis on avoiding liability. It is part of the “Managing Inmate Populations” course presented by Gary Cornelius.

“Chasing the Dragon” -The Life of an Opiate Addict

MIR=2 CAREER DEVELOPMENT. This training is based on an FBI documentary video titled Chasing the Dragon. It exposes the truth behind the opiate epidemic that is devastating our communities. In Northern Virginia, heroin deaths jumped about 165 percent between 2011 and 2013. Since 2010, for example, more than 80 people in Loudoun County have overdosed on heroin. Of those 80 people, 20 lost their lives. More than half of those deaths, 11, occurred in 2014.