Rules & Regulations

Course Instructors will provide training goals and objectives and the training schedule. They will also advise if there will be any test or skill requirements. Before enrolling in a class and prior to the start of training, students should refer to our Web Site for course description, requirements, and pre-requisites.

Academy staff provides a course evaluation form for each student and each class. Please take a few moments to give us your feedback about the quality of the training classes.

In case of an emergency or inclement weather, call the main Academy number: (703) 729-4299. Every attempt will be made to announce all decisions regarding closings or delayed openings by no later than 4:00 AM. Decisions to close for reasons other than weather will be made in response to a specific emergency condition, e.g. power failure, and will be communicated via the Academy’s voice mail message to all affected personnel.

Students will conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. Improper conduct may result in expulsion from class. The preferred dress code is business casual attire. Jeans may be worn if free of holes and are in good condition. Shorts and/or tank tops are not acceptable attire. Agency uniforms may also be worn. Students who do not comply with the dress code will be asked to leave and not be readmitted until they are in compliance. Some training may require alternate attire based on the activities performed as advised by Academy or Agency Training Staff.

It is the responsibility of the course instructor to supervise their assigned courses. Students who miss any time should report to the assigned In-Service Coordinator (Room 102). During non-Academy hours leave a message for the coordinator.

Injuries must be reported to an In-Service Coordinator, or in their absence any Academy management staff member.

To ensure fairness and assist students with concerns that may affect the student and the Academy, an Academy Ombudsman has been assigned. Report to Mr. Albert C. Oglesby, the Accreditation Manager (Room 215), or leave a message for him at extension 118.

Prohibited Activities

Eating food in any classroom or other training area on the first floor is discouraged. No food or beverages of any type are permitted in the Computer Lab. Cups/containers with lids are required in all classroom areas.

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on Academy grounds at all times unless specifically utilized for a training course and with the prior approval of the Executive Director.

Smoking or use of any tobacco product in the front of the building or at any place inside the Academy is prohibited. Smoking is allowed at the rear of the building only.

Reading of material unrelated to the course is prohibited while the class is in session.

Parking for students is available on the main parking lot. Parking in spaces reserved for Academy Staff is prohibited.

Emergency & Safety Issues

Messages for students are placed on the bulletin board in the hallway outside Room 106, near the Computer Lab. Emergency messages will be brought to the classroom.

Telephones are located in all classrooms. To place a long distance call, use either a credit card or call collect. The student cafeteria is located on the first floor, Room 117. Also located on the first floor are the Men’s Restroom, Room 121 and the Women’s Restroom, Room 123.