Basic Training Curriculum


The Basic Law Enforcement School is divided into four modules.  They are: Criminal Investigation, Legal, Patrol, and Skills.  The recruit must meet three separate proficiency standards in order to successfully complete the School.  First, the recruit must attain a minimum cumulative grade average of seventy percent (70%) in each of the four modules.  Second, the recruit must successfully pass all State mandated objectives/criteria.  Third, the recruit must successfully complete all performance-based tests.  The final grades for the Criminal Investigation, Legal, Patrol, and Skills modules are based on written examinations. In all, recruits will receive over 800 hours of training during their Session at the Academy.



Deputy Sheriff Recruits will be required to successfully complete all four of the modules in the Basic Law Enforcement School as listed above plus one additional module covering basic jailor, court security and civil process topics.  This additional module must also be passed with a minimum score of 70% and all related State mandated objectives and criteria must also be passed.  All performance-based tests must also be passed.