firearms-3The Academy's firearms training is part of the use of force and decision making program. Training in the fundamentals of properly drawing, moving to cover, and gripping the weapon begins on the first day of defensive tactics training. Recruits receive a four-hour block of instruction on firearm safety and weapons maintenance, and are given an introduction to firearms decision-making with the use of a state-of-the-art firearms training simulator.  This simulator provides dynamic scenarios in which the recruits must make lethal force decisions.

Actual live-fire pistol and shotgun training begins midway through the academy session. Recruits receive seven full days of progressive firearms training, shooting both day and evening courses using their issued duty weapons and their agencies' police shotguns. They must demonstrate not only shooting ability, but also the ability to use their weapons safely and with proper care and maintenance. Recruits are also instructed in various courses of tactical shooting.

Excellence in Firearms Proficiency

Awarded by the Academy Director in recognition of outstanding firearms achievement. One recruit will receive this award based on the highest overall average during both day and nighttime firearms training with both the service weapon and 12-gauge shotgun.