Physical Training

The Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy recognizes the importance of physical fitness for job performance.  As such, it has established a challenging program for basic law enforcement recruits that helps prepare them for the rigors of a law enforcement career and also educates them on other valuable aspects of wellness.  Physical training occurs on a daily basis at the Academy.  The program consists of running as well as a variety of strength, diversity and flexibility training.

pullups-chinupsAs part of the hiring process, each recruit must pass a thorough physical exam clearing them for a law enforcement assignment.  Prior to the beginning of basic training, each recruit will undergo a physical training assessment utilizing six components of fitness established by the Cooper Institute.  The assessment is conducted in order to establish smaller training groups of comparable abilities, and to provide an individual fitness baseline for each recruit.
The assessment includes the following Cooper Institute components:

  • 1.5 Mile Run (aerobic capacity)
  • 1 Minute Maximum Sit-ups (muscular endurance)
  • Maximum Push-ups (muscular endurance)
  • Vertical Jump (explosive power)
  • Sit & Reach (flexibility)
  • Estimated Body Fat Percentage (body composition)

Each of these components is graded based on the recruit’s age and sex using established normative data provided by the Cooper Institute.  A final physical fitness assessment is conducted at the end of each session, which adds two components for testing.  Maximum bench press (absolute strength) and 300 meter run (anaerobic capacity) are included in the final battery of tests.  A fitness profile based on the final assessment is provided to each recruit and is included as part of their final evaluation.

Physical Fitness Excellence

running-rainThe Physical Fitness Excellence Award is presented by the Academy Director each graduation in recognition of outstanding physical fitness achievement.  One male and one female recruit will receive this award based on the result of the final physical training assessment.  The score is derived from testing in seven categories of fitness: 1.5 mile run, 300 meter run, bench press, sit-ups, push-ups, vertical jump, and sit & reach.