Practical Exercises

Reality Based Training

scenario-training-1Once recruits have successfully completed firearms training, they are introduced to live fire scenarios involving Simunitions or AirSoft style training weapons. This training is scheduled at the end of the session, in order for the recruits to implement the skills that they have learned up to that point in time. Both recruits and role players wear safety gear, as both are armed with training weapons. The recruits are sent out in pairs to respond to a given call at a certain location.

The skills that they must demonstrate on that call include the proper use of a firearm (if necessary), the proper use of cover, proper verbalization, the proper judgment surrounding the use of force including, potentially, the use of deadly force, and the proper management of a high stress situation. This training encompasses a single day and involves two separate scenarios. However, it is a powerful, realistic training tool and is very important in properly preparing the recruits for the possibility of a deadly force encounter.

Applied Patrol Procedures

practicals-3The goal of recruit training at the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy is ultimately to prepare the recruits to be able to function successfully in the capacity that they will serve. Therefore, the academy has instituted training during the final week of the session in which each recruit will perform a tour of duty as a patrol officer or a correctional officer, depending on his/her job description.

The academy has gone to great lengths to create simulated patrol areas and scenarios for recruits to respond to various calls for service using actual dispatchers. Each patrol vehicle is equipped with a radio unit and a Field Training Officer, as well as ticket book, map and other necessities for a day on patrol. The correctional facility is quite realistic, with an intake section, direct supervision areas, and magistrate's office. If an arrest occurs on one of the patrol officer's calls, the suspect is taken to the jail where he is processed and booked. The training is aimed at allowing the recruits to put together all of the aspects of their training throughout the session in an environment that is controlled yet very realistic.

First Aid/AED/CPR/Training System

The American Safety and Health Institute, consists of 16 hours of CPR/AED and Basic First Aid training. Students are also tested in this area.