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Basic Sex Crimes Investigations

Course length


About the course

Basic Sex Crimes Investigation I is designed as an introductory course for new detectives and
officers who are interested in becoming a Sex Crimes Detective. This class is a pre-requisite for
a more Advanced Sex Crimes Investigation II class.

Sexual assaults are one of the most personal and violent crimes a detective can investigate.
Over the last two decades, technology has advanced to help solve these crimes through various
forensic methods. However, traditional investigative methods still apply. These investigations
require the detectives to work with various stakeholders and it’s important to learn how to build
a good relationship with them as well as being victim-centered throughout the process.

This 3-day course contains:
 First Responder duties
 Victim interviews
 Forensic Duties
 Interview & Interrogation
 Preliminary Investigations
 Modus Operandi
 Witness Interviews
 Diminished Mental Capacity Interviews
 Applicable case laws
 Child and Elder Abuse
 Physical Evidence Recovery Kits
 Introduction to the Types of Rapists

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