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Crime Guns: What Every Officer Needs To Know

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Recovered crime guns can provide valuable evidence to law enforcement including investigative leads, the identification of potential witnesses and co-conspirators, the existence of additional criminal acts and even links to other shootings. This course provides an overview of the exploitation of crime gun information, including specific investigative steps and technologies available to law enforcement officer at no cost to their departments. The material is covered in two blocks.

There is no way for a convicted felon or juvenile gang member to legally obtain a firearm. Despite this, career criminals, gang members and armed violent offenders are frequently able to illegally obtain firearms “on the street.” Attendees will learn the schemes used by firearms traffickers - criminals who are in the business of diverting firearms out of lawful commerce and onto the street. This course provides law enforcement officers with the understanding of the methods used by traffickers so they can recognize firearms trafficking when they encounter it, as well as investigative steps and resources available to help police cut off the illicit supply of firearms to criminals. NIBIN and eTrace technologies will be explained, as will investigative strategies that allow police to fully leverage these emerging technologies. This block has been updated to include detailed information on Personally Manufactured Firearms (Ghost Guns) and Conversion Devices.

Recovered crime guns can provide valuable leads and evidence to law enforcement through NCIC checks and firearms tracing, but it is critical for the officer to be able to accurately and completely describe the firearm in order to document the recovery, to enter it in NCIC, to trace the firearm, to determine if it is stolen and to testify in court. Despite the importance of this skill, few officers receive training on the identification of firearms and as a result firearms are frequently misidentified in reports, go unidentified as stolen, and are untraceable.
This interactive course provides officers with the knowledge, skills and abilities to accurately identify, describe and document firearms. Topics covered include firearms vocabulary and nomenclature, federal marking requirements for manufacturers and importers and federal firearms laws. Officers are provided numerous opportunities to identify firearms from detailed line drawings during the course. Documenting the recovery of “Ghost Guns” will also be covered.

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