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Females in Law Enforcement

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About the course

Female law enforcement professionals play a vital role in police departments, sheriff departments, constable offices, correctional institutions, and probation/parole departments across North America. Females not only serve on the front lines, but they are now advancing to executive positions to include police chiefs and elected sheriffs in major cities in the United States. Although female law enforcement officers are making major advancements, there are still challenges unique to females that exist. This one-day training course was designed from the female law enforcement professional’s perspective. Attendees will discuss challenges unique to females in law enforcement, specifically: gender differences, training, equipment, work-life balance, mental & physical strength, communication, and career advancement. Information will be presented to help female law enforcement professionals thrive in a male-dominated work environment. The course will facilitate open dialogue, and attendees will develop strategies to deal with issues and challenges specific to women in law enforcement.

Topics include:
• Mental & Physical Strength
• Training & Equipment
• Effective Communication
• Unique Challenges for Women in Law Enforcement
• Gender Differences
• Work-Life Balance
• Leadership Concepts
• Interactive Problem Solving

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