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Legal 202 Advanced Search Seizure and Court Preparation

Course length

8 Hours

About the course

This class is designed for law enforcement officers with three or more years of experience or those who have taken “Legal 101: Search, Seizure, and Miranda- What Every Police Officer Needs to Know.” This is the second of a two part series developed by Bryan Porter and Elliott Casey.

Every year, more and more legal knowledge is required of police officers in the field. In addition to taking the appropriate steps on the street, a truly outstanding officer will have the knowledge and drive to see her case all the way through a successful prosecution. This Seminar incorporates classroom lecture and practical demonstrations and exercises to explore topics confronting today’s patrol officers. This class is designed for law enforcement officers assigned with three or more years of experience. Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to:

- Fourth Amendment - A Basic Review
- Frisks and Arrests
- Vehicle and Hotel Searches
- Exigent Circumstances
- Search Warrant Writing
- Search Warrants for - Electronic Evidence
- Search Warrants -Dominion and Control
- Serving Search Warrants

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