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Maintaining Professional Boundaries

Course length

8 Hours

About the course

Jail correctional officers and deputies work inside facilities where operations are governed by policies and procedures. These translate into systems such as security systems, communications systems and inmate service systems. All are designed to keep inmates safely confined, the staff, inmates and public safe and to ensure that inmates receive necessary services. Much time and effort is devoted to training and supervision, to make sure that these systems work. Inmates will attempt to circumvent these systems and create cracks in the security network, using our own training and skills against us. While jail officers may think that all is well and operations are running smoothly, inmates devise ways of circumventing these systems-and using them for their own advantage. The inmate’s main tool is manipulation. This in service course will discuss ways that staff can combat this, learn how inmates ‘do time’; learn to resist inmate manipulation and how to maintain professional boundaries.

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