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Metaverse Blockchain & Web 3.0

Course length


About the course

Criminals have started to conduct various crimes in the Metaverse. The metaverse? What is the
metaverse? How do you access it? Blockchain technology and Web 3.0 allow for the existence of the
Metaverse and there are various technologies used to enhance the Metaverse experience. In-depth
information will be presented on types of extended reality, haptics, and best web 3.0 browsers to use for
metaverse investigations.
Due to the decentralized structure of the Metaverse, criminals feel more secure operating in this space.
Live demonstrations will be provided to illustrate how criminals access the Metaverse and carry out their
illicit activities. Although these crimes are occurring virtually, a digital footprint of evidence can still be
left behind. Identifying and collecting digital evidence is critical to successfully apprehending criminals
operating in the metaverse space.
A laptop or tablet is recommended, but not required.

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