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Women Leading in Law Enforcement When the Heat is On

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About the course

Registration fee $399 per person. Group rates are available. For Groups of 3 or more, please call or email for a special rate:
Phone: 954.536.7550

Registration link:

For the first time in history, women are stepping into leadership roles within all aspects of Public Safety. Given the times of uncertainty that we are in, effective leadership is needed now more than ever before. As a woman in leadership in this field, everything about you will be tested and you must know how to respond to remain effective and not be burned.

During this 2.5-day seminar, we will have an interactive, high-level leadership conversation where we will:
• Discuss several No-Nonsense wisdom truths of leadership for women.
• Learn the power and necessity of leverage to help overcome challenges and successfully influence others in highly dynamic, political work environments.
• Recognize the FIRES of leadership and determine ways to navigate through them effectively.
• Understand each attendee’s leadership strength and emotional intelligence power.
• Learn the No-Nonsense 4-step focus to professionalizing conflict in every situation.
• And much more!

**Seminar Prerequisite: Each participant must complete an online 2-part assessment prior to the seminar. The link and password will be emailed to the participant approximately 2 weeks prior to the seminar. Each attendee’s report results will be brought by the facilitator to the training session for debriefing during the seminar.

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