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Advanced Investigative Concepts for Violent Criminal Behavior

Course length

About the course

NOTE - This class is intended for investigators currently assigned to or working violent crimes against persons.

This two-day training block will focus on the behavioral and forensic aspects of violent crime
scenes, to include the interaction between offender(s) and victim(s). This will be done in an
interactive way between instructor and attendees while developing crime scene assessments of
various types of homicide cases to include sexual homicide, rape murder and no body homicide.
This training can assist investigators in focusing on the most probable type of suspect and an
accurate motivation for the crime, which can lead to more successful investigative and
interview/interrogation strategies.
The instructor relies on his 25 years of experience providing operational investigative support in
thousands of local, state, and federal violent crime investigations, as well as publishing research
conducted involving various types of violent offenders. He was assigned to the Behavioral
Analysis Unit in the FBI’s National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime, Critical Incident
Response Group, Quantico, Virginia for 18 years.

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