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On behalf of our Board of Directors, employees, and agency assigned instructors, I welcome you to our website. Our goal is to provide exceptional, relevant and meaningful law enforcement, corrections, civil process, court security and emergency dispatch training to our member agency personnel. 


We are a regional criminal justice training academy, authorized to operate by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services. The Academy has been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies since 2004.   

The Academy is staffed by highly skilled and dedicated professionals. The Basic Training staff includes sworn officers and deputy sheriffs who are assigned to the Academy from the member agencies and who work under the direction of Academy staff members. We are extremely fortunate and grateful for the commitment of our member agencies who assign these enthusiastic and dedicated officers and deputies to the Academy.  I am proud of our staff and instructors for all they do to ensure the success of this Academy.  

The contents of our web site provide valuable information about our history our organization, the basic training program and professional development course offerings. I encourage you to learn more about us, our staff, and our programs by exploring our web pages. 

Thank you for visiting. 

Bob Callahan

Executive Director


Our Values
 We are committed to the values of Character, Accountability, Cooperation and Excellence.​


  • We are trustworthy and honest in all of our actions.

  • We strive to be consistent in thought and action.

  • We are disciplined and conscientious.

  • We are positive role models to all of the students



  • We value and honor the public trust.

  • We promote open communication among our staff, our students, and the agencies we represent.

  • We are responsive to the concerns of our participating agencies and their communities.

  • We effectively and efficiently manage our resources.



  • We strive to work as a team.

  • We share a responsibility to serve the residents of Northern Virginia and the customers, visitors, and employees served by our member agencies.

  • We seek to cultivate lasting professional relationships with our law enforcement colleagues



  • We provide excellent staffing and facilities.

  • We meet or exceed nationally recognized law enforcement standards.

  • We believe that prudent judgment is essential to competence.

  • We understand that physical fitness is important to the image and performance of law enforcement professionals.

  • We pursue the latest in quality resources and training for our staff.

  • We promote new initiatives and pursue new approaches to training.

  • We are self-motivated and believe in the value and quality of our products.

  • We are dedicated to the improvement of the law enforcement profession.

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