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Alcohol Law Updates

Course length

4 Hours

About the course

This class will update veteran officers on Virginia’s laws regarding alcohol violations, including illustrative cases applying the laws. Legislative changes made in the past two years as well as recent case law will be highlighted so that the officers may be up to date. A special emphasis will be placed upon DWI/DUI enforcement including a review of how to prepare for some of the more arcane issues which can sometimes trip up a successful DWI/DUI prosecution.

Instructor Bio:
David A. Hirsch, Esquire has twenty-seven years experience defending criminal and traffic cases in local state and federal courts. He served for over two years as a Magistrate for Virginia’s 17th Judicial District. Mr. Hirsch also served for eleven years as a legal instructor, for rookie law enforcement personnel, at the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy. Ten years of his service was as the Senior Legal Instructor. Mr. Hirsch returns annually to the Academy to assist with the rookies’ Moot Court program and to teach veterans in the In-Service program. Over the years, many law enforcement personnel and attorneys have entrusted Mr. Hirsch with the responsibility of handling various legal matters for them and for their families.

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