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Avoiding Pitfalls in the Jail and Documenting Critical Incidents in the Jail

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About the course

The goal for this class is to educate the jail officer on how to think, to avoid and prevent job related
pitfalls. The class is designed for sworn line staff, supervisory personnel and civilian personnel working
inside a jail environment.
 The professional aspects of being a jail officer.
 The understanding that mistakes are made in three areas: power, pressure and responsibility.
 The learning of common sense guidelines to properly handle the job and increase a jail officer’s
safety and professionalism
Course Overview: In the normal course of daily business, the jail staff is faced with potential operational
pitfalls and perils that can easily blemish or destroy a jail officer’s career. An issue or situation in the jail,
improperly handled or overlooked, can result in job termination, civil action and even criminal prosecution.
Jail officers can damage their careers, the well-being of inmates and violate the public trust if they make
mistakes in three key areas: misusing power, not dealing with pressure and not meeting responsibilities.
These are the pitfalls to avoid.
This class reviews several recent court decisions and subsequent case laws that have impacted jail
operations. Examples such as sexual misconduct, violating department code of conduct, using excessive
force on inmates and deliberate indifference towards an inmate’s needs are common mistakes that have
ruined careers, prompted inmate lawsuits and resulted in criminal prosecution.

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