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Basic Threat Finance

Course length


About the course

This course is designed as an introduction to threat finance and how illicit actors raise, move, store, and use money and items of value. The course will describe the business and financial elements and how criminal, terror, and violent extremist networks leverage those systems. Students will be challenged in practical exercises involving real-life scenarios requiring analysis of financial and business documents, tracking illicit activities, and reporting results.
The target audience in this training is law enforcement officers, detectives, agents, supervisors, and
analysts assigned to narcotics, gangs, human trafficking, or specialized units.
This program was developed with a 35:1 student-to-instructor ratio to facilitate interaction in the
Course Learning Objective: Students will learn about money laundering processes in financial
systems and how value as a concept creates vulnerabilities in different tiers of illicit networks
(local, national, and transnational).

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