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EVOC Remedial

Course length


About the course

Agencies must provide a vehicle for this training.
The maximum enrollment number for the NVCJA agencies is 8 enrollments. Member agencies are restricted to 4 enrollments per class until we are within 2 weeks of the start date. Any additional enrollments should be wait listed.
EVOC Remedial training is used to refresh the skills that are taught in basic training and is geared towards law enforcement personnel who struggle with operating a police vehicle in the patrol environment or who have been involved in a crash while on duty. Elements of the basic school that will be covered in this class include:
• Defensive Driving Lecture
• Vehicle Inspections
• Overview of Electronic Stability Control
• ABS & Threshold Braking circuit (includes brake to a point and straight-line braking)
• Crash Avoidance circuit (includes serpentine and braking in a curve)
• Combined Skills Course – parallel parking, 3-point turn, backing though an alley
• Line of travel (apex of a turn)
• Below 100 & Va. Code 46.2-920 review

Class is offered on the following dates: May 18, May 20, June 8, June 10, Nov. 30, Dec. 2, Dec. 14 and Dec 16 (the last class of the year)

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