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Executive Writing: Business Writing Fundamentals for Law Enforcement Professionals

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About the course

Students will need to bring a laptop or tablet with keyboard that can connect to the internet.

Learn to express your ideas more effectively with this one-day workshop.
No one wants to spend their time and energy writing something, only to have it completely ignored or misunderstood by their reader. This crash course teaches you a four-step, reader-centric approach to business writing. Whether you’re a supervisor, an officer, or a non-sworn employee, you’ll learn best practices for getting your point across through email correspondence, proposals, policies, internal memos, press releases, and other written documents.

In this class, you will learn:
• The essential ingredients in all business writing.
• Various writing structures and when to use them.
• How to style your writing so that your reader will listen.
• How to avoid (and fix) common grammar and usage errors.
• Business writing tips from real-world corporate examples.
• The four stages of business writing: gathering ideas, organizing ideas,
• expressing ideas and clarifying ideas.

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