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Gracie Survival Tactics for LE

Course length

24 Hours

About the course

Class Hours: 0600-1430 hours (These hours are necessary as the Basic Recruits use the DT room at 1430 hours)

MIR Hours: 24 Career Development

Students will learn the most highly effective, easy to learn, court defensible control tactics system, to protect themselves in a confrontation. Students will learn how to defend themselves in four distinct categories.

1. Surprise attack counters: The most challenging assault to defend against is the one that happens without warning. Although a safe distance and constant alertness may reduce the likelihood of an attack, if a seemingly cooperative suspect suddenly becomes aggressive, you will have the techniques and reflexes to neutralize the attacks, and gain control of the situation without causing any unnecessary harm to the suspect.

2. Weapon retention techniques: Keeping a safe distance is critical in making sure that the suspect does not gain control of your firearm. If, however, distance is not an option, these techniques will enable you to retain your weapon from every position in the struggle.

3. Survival and escape strategies: If you find yourself underneath a much heavier, stronger opponent who is determined to incapacitate you, these strategies will enable you to neutralize their strikes, escape and gain control of the situation.

4. Arrest and control procedures: Controlling a suspect when you have multiple colleagues assisting you is a relatively simple process. In the GST course we focus on highly effective leverage based control tactics and handcuffing techniques that are equally effective in a solo situation as they are multi-officer procedure.

Students should wear shoes suitable for mat work. Students should bring a mouthpiece, groin protection and their duty belt.

Note: Due to the propensity for injury, anyone attending with a pre-existing condition should consult with instructors on the first day of the course.

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