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Leading in the Aftermath

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About the course

With the current national focus and civil unrest between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve, it is imperative for all LE representatives to master the art and practice of unbiased and objective Interpersonal Policing and Community Engagement. This is necessary in order to help law enforcement professionals understand the power of implicit bias on policing within culturally diverse communities.

Law Enforcement personnel are under the massive microscope of public opinion at all times. They are held to a higher standard that demands the safety and protection of the General Public as well as maintaining the trust of those they have taken an oath to serve and protect.
Some of the topics for this class include:

Discuss the reality of law enforcement today – That was then…this is now.
Review the current community perceptions of Law Enforcement.
Confront Internal and External Law Enforcement Biases.
Define Interpersonal Policing and Community Engagement.
Revisit the congruent need for professionalism, reputation, character & integrity in policing.

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