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Managing Small Squads and Teams

Course length

8 Hours

About the course

The Managing Patrol Squads workshop targets the day-to-day responsibilities of front-line patrol supervisors. In short, the class addresses the challenges and headaches that often pull leaders away from their greatest asset - their people. Objectives will address both leading and managing squads/units/teams of officers. Facilitators will work with participants to develop their capacity to apply sound leadership and management approaches to the daily administrative role of a front-line patrol supervisor.

Topics include: conducting effective roll-calls, assisting employees with career development, managing assignments/correspondence, promoting leadership at all levels, and handling general daily performance management issues. Participants will apply and practice their leadership, management, critical-thinking, decision-making, judgment, supervision, and organizing skills during small group activities using realistic work-related scenarios.


- Review delegation strategies designed to develop others
- Promote environments that instill continual training with shared responsibility
-Discuss squad related matters that sometime challenge front-line supervisors

~ Staffing
~Ancillary duties
~Tracking of tasks and assignments
~ Performance management issues

- Review various approaches to managing patrol teams
- Develop systems and processes to track and monitor tasks
- Analyze and debate approaches to squad leadership and management
- Review career planning considerations as part of your employees’ development
- Identify leadership opportunities that exist during daily Sergeant employee interactions

Distinguish management from leadership

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