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Managing Special Populations in the Jail

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About the course

Today’s correctional officers must supervise inmates with physical and mental problems, special needs, and behavioral issues. These “special management” inmates require more attention from staff than most general population jail inmates do. Knowledge is power-and jail officers must have as much knowledge as possible so special needs inmates can be observed, managed, and interacted with safely. Proper supervision can serve both as an effective defense in civil litigation and reduce the risks of serious incidents that result in harm to staff, inmates, and the public. This eight-hour seminar will discuss ways for jail officers to safely maintain custody of special inmate populations and deal with problems in an initiative-taking and not a reactive manner. The special populations included in the course are mentally ill & suicidal, female inmates, security threat groups/high profile inmates/escape risks, incompatibles, youthful offenders, elderly/mature offenders, foreign/ethnic offenders, physically handicapped, substance abusers, LGTBQ and inmates in segregation: disciplinary, administrative, protective custody, and medical.

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