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Open Source Investigations

Course length


About the course

The attendee will know the following at the end of this course:
➢ What open source databases are available to the investigator and how to use them to conduct investigative analysis
➢ The proper way to document open source research and preserving data for discovery
➢ How to research social media platforms for viable information and corroborating through other means
➢ Understand the difference between open source research and protected information that requires legal process
➢ How to identify/locate subjects by conducting practical case studies using open source databases and platforms

➢ Applying open source research to law enforcement
➢ Utilizing open source databases for identification
➢ Social media’s role in investigations
➢ Documenting open source research
➢ Open source versus legal process

Instructor: Max Wooten
Max Wooten is a veteran investigator with over 17 years of experience in local and federal law enforcement. Through gang, violent crime, and counterterrorism investigations, Max has developed a vast amount of knowledge and expertise working complex, criminal investigations. Since 2014, Max has been instructing law enforcement and sharing his knowledge and experience to new investigators.

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