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Selling Yourself: Preparation for Job Related Interviews

Course length

16 Hours

About the course

Wondering if this workshop is for you? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, it is:

- Are you planning to participate in any career assessments that involve interviews or panels (i.e. specialty positions such as detective, SWAT, FTO, or perhaps preparing for your post LE job, commander, civilian supervisor)?
- Have you ever been told you know the material, but you didn't sell yourself during a job or panel interview?
- Do you sometimes wonder why the other person was selected over you when your competencies and experience were similar?
- Does the stress of the interview impede your ability to articulate your position fit?

This workshop will immerse attendees with both interviewee and assessor experience. Activities are supported with coaching and are designed to assist employees of all positions by focusing on the attendees’ ability to articulate individual skills, experiences, related qualifications, or to represent their position “fit” under actual interview stress.

Additionally, attendees will be afforded the opportunity to evaluate others, an insight often only enjoyed by agency selection panels.

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