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Simunitions Instructor / Recertification Course

Course length


About the course

Does your organization have anyone factory certified? In today’s world of liability, problems are everywhere. You have to validate all aspects of your training coverage. Because of recent court cases, agencies are required to train their personnel as close to reality as possible. Nothing comes as close as training against a real person that has the ability to replicate an actual lethal force encounter, just like we may encounter any day on the street.

The class is designed to provide training to instructors who will run training in your perspective department. The class covers all aspects of reality-based training and provides product information, program development, scenario design and implementation, instructor development and procedures to run training safely. Officers/Agents/Operators are injured enough on the street; they should not be injured in training.

Officers/Agents/Operators can obtain additional information and register for the class on the web:

 Class size is limited so early registration is recommended. Officers/Agents/Operators will receive a confirmation letter along with an equipment list.

Course Tuition: Law Enforcement $620.00 each (3-day class)
Course Tuition: Re-certification $320.00 each (2-day class)

SIMUNITION® will provide pistol conversion kits as well as their associated equipment.

SIMUNITION® will also provide basic protective equipment, all training ammunition as well as training aids such as training impact weapons and inert chemical agents. If you choose to bring your own converted weapon(s) please see your instructor before the course starts.

At no time are any lethal weapons or ammunition needed
Nor allowed during any of the training events

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