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Six Principles to Effective Report Writing

Course length

8 Career Development

About the course

“Tell the right people the right information in the clearest way possible”.

This one-day instructional workshop is designed for every officer or supervisor who wants to write clearer, more effective reports in less time. Students will learn an easy to-follow system that progresses from foundational principles to practical application. Each student will practice the 6 Rules and receive personalized feedback from the instructor and their fellow classmates. Students will also receive quick-reference materials that they can use to easily apply what they learn in their current assignment.
Students will learn to write reports that:

• Document the relevant facts of the incident
• Omit unnecessary information
• Satisfy the requirements of their supervisors, attorneys, and other readers
• Accurately record statements made by suspects and witnesses
• Organize events using the 5 Parts of a Police Narrative
• Use concrete, unambiguous language
• Avoid common grammatical errors

Students must bring a Wi-Fi-capable laptop or tablet with keyboard to the class.
Upon completion of the course, students will receive reference materials that will help them apply the rules and techniques they learned on the job.

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