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Tactical De-Escalation Techniques

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About the course

Across the United States, police departments spend countless hours training officers on the use of force
involving simple wrist locks and pressure points; chemical agents and physical strikes; and progressing to
impact weapons and firearms. While this type of training is critical for all law enforcement officers,
agencies must provide proper "Tactical De-escalation Techniques" to officers as well.
Regardless of an agency or officer's individual views of de-escalation tactics, it MUST be implemented
into every police
department's training program. Many officers believe that the use of de-escalation techniques will
jeopardize their safety and place them at a tactical disadvantage. The proper use of de-escalation has the
complete opposite effect. Statistics and studies will show that it increases officers' safety and places the
officer in a more advantageous tactical position.
This one-day training class will provide officers with the necessary tools to properly de-escalate a
situation while maintaining a tactical mindset. Officers will learn effective techniques for communicating
under stress without escalating a situation.
Practical, classroom-based scenarios will be presented to demonstrate these concepts. Information will
also be presented on the development of reality-based, simulation training involving deescalation
techniques. This information will give officers a jump starts on implementing de-escalation training
within their own police departments.

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