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Vehicle Arrest Tactics & Building Searches

Course length


About the course

This three-day course will consist of classroom lecture & discussion as well as demonstrations, practical
exercises and repetitions. With emphasis on fundamentals and opposition based tactics.

Topics will include:

Small Unit CQB Tactics
Structure Approaches
Equipment Considerations
Small Unit Vehicle Based Arrests
Vehicle Pinch and Containment Technique
Tactical Knock And Talks
Principle Based Problem Solving
Low Light Considerations and Techniques

Your Instructor: Mickael Ambrosio
Michael Ambrosio is the Lead Instructor and the President of 201TacSolutions, LLC.
Michael is a twenty three year law enforcement veteran who is currently a Detective with the Greensboro Police Department, in Greensboro, NC. Since 2011, Michael has been assigned to the Greensboro Police Department’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Team and is a part of the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations’ Fugitive and Missing Person Task Force and the FBI’s Safe Streets Task Force.
Michael holds an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science in Law Enforcement Technology and has received his North Carolina Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate from the North Carolina Criminal Justice Training and Standards Commission.
During his career Michael has received over 2700 hours of specialized training in areas such as Vehicle CQB Instructor, High Risk Warrant Service, Cell Phone Forensics, Cell Phone and Social Media Records Analysis, Fugitive Operations and much more.
Additionally, Michael has extensive experience as a Patrol Officer, Criminal Investigator, Swat Operator, K9 Handler, Gang Unit Detective and Fugitive Investigator. Michael is a certified North Carolina Law Enforcement General Instructor and a Law Enforcement Specialized Driving Instructor, certified in Precision
Immobilization Technique (P.I.T.) and Mobile Road Block instruction and program development.
Michael is the lead Building Search and High Risk Vehicle Stop instructor for his agency's police academy and in-service programs. Additionally, Michael has been involved in policy development within his agency in areas of Equipment Selection, Police Pursuit Driving Techniques, Vehicle Based Arrest Techniques, Fugitive Operations and Weapon Light Implementation.
In 2013 Michael formed 201TacSolutions, LLC, to begin sharing his knowledge and experience with other law enforcement professionals. His goal was to help agencies develop and implement fugitive units and to share knowledge and proven techniques used in the field to help others become more successful. Since 2013 Michael has had over 2300 federal, state and local law enforcement officers attend his training.
Michael’s current assignment affords him the opportunity to receive state of the art training in all areas of fugitive operations, small team tactics and cellular and social media exploitation. His daily exposure to fugitive and violent criminal apprehension brings relevant, real world expertise to his courses at 201TacSolutions, LLC.

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