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Legal Issues for Field Training Officers

As a training officer, you may have the most important job on the police department.  Every single time you respond to a call or investigate a case, the Constitution is implicated and your trainee is following your example.  Your actions and inactions are being watched closely by the officer you have been entrusted to train.  As a training officer, you don’t have to like the legal rules, but knowing the basics is part of your job.  Being able to convey this information to your trainee is critical.  Knowing the contours of the law will actually make you and your trainee a safer officer!  Understanding the law and decreases your chance of being successfully sued or complained on and will further your career as well as the new officer you are training. 

 ·         How LEOs receive information

·         The three levels of police/citizen encounters

·         Search of residences, people and vehicles

·         Terry stops and protective searches

·         When Miranda applies and how to advise it

·         Consensual encounters with people and vehicles

·         Trouble areas of the Virginia code

·         Legal issues that are unique to the training environment


Instructor Bio:

Bryan L. Porter
            Bryan Porter is an Alexandria native, having grown up in the City and graduating from T.C. Williams High School. Mr. Porter served a total of 5 years as a police officer, first with the Metro Transit Police in Washington, D.C., and then with the Alexandria Police Department. While an Alexandria police officer, he worked the evening and midnight patrol shifts and served as a Field Training Officer for new recruits. 
            Mr. Porter obtained his law degree from the George Mason University School of Law in 2001. Immediately thereafter he was hired as an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney for the City of Alexandria. During his tenure in that position, he has been assigned the prosecution of different crimes, to include traffic offenses, misdemeanor criminal offenses, and felonious assaults. 
            Mr. Porter is currently assigned the prosecution of complex narcotics cases, robberies, and violent crime, to include homicides as assigned. Mr. Porter was sworn as a Special Assistant United States Attorney in 2006, giving him the ability to prosecute cases in either state or federal court.
            In 2007, Mr. Porter incorporated Universal Exports, LLC., a company that strives to provide innovative, informative and interactive legal training to law-enforcement officers. Mr. Porter has legal classes for the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy since 2004. He has taught literally thousands of law enforcement students over the years in diverse classes on topics such as: search and seizure, mental health law, interviews and interrogations, legal issues confronting Vice/Narcotics personnel, and legal issues confronting Special Operations Teams.

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