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Alexandria City Police Department (map)
This course is being hosted by the Alexandria Police Dept.

Registration is through the Law Enforcement Training Associates, Inc. website

Follow this link for addition information and to register for the class,  Course Info/Registration

There is a special rate of $375.00 per student for academy members.  You must let the vendor know you are a member of this academy to receive the special rate.

This is a special five day (36 hour) training program designed for Law Enforcement Investigators, Vice Investigators, Narcotics Investigators and Patrol Officers who participate in street level enforcement and Undercover Vice/ Narcotics operations.  Prostitution and Narcotics activity are every day problems that affect entire communities.  The curriculum will cover how to successfully conduct street level prostitution and narcotics stings.  Decoy officer safety techniques will be covered, which will show how to keep your female officers safe during undercover investigations.

Human Trafficking for prostitution is a huge part of the seedy world of prostitution investigations.  Investigative techniques detailing how to work these organizations will be presented during the training. Investigators will learn how to target the organizations that are forcing immigrants from South America, Central America, Eastern Europe and American juvenile's into the world of prostitution.

Instructors will present case studies on how to initiate and serve "Sneak and Peek" search warrants on illicit massage parlors.  The technical aspects of installing electronic surveillance equipment in these businesses will be detailed along with how to successfully prosecute subjects under RICO statutes.  Investigators will be shown how to properly write search warrants for the covert entry and installment of equipment, search of the business, bank accounts and warrants on the owners residence.  This is a must see block of instruction for all narcotics and vice investigators.

Investigators will be taught methods used to investigate and prosecute in call and out call Escorts, along with setting up sting operations.  Strip Clubs are notorious for prostitution and narcotics violations. Investigators will be taught how to plan and conduct tactical raid investigations on strip clubs and how to utilize seldom used state statutes as well as city and county code violations to tackle the problems of these clubs.  The seedy world of illicit massage parlors will be discussed and investigators will learn the different methods used to infiltrate and prosecute prostitution subjects.

Undercover storefront operations will be covered during the training showing how to set up storefront operations which can be utilized for stolen property cases, money laundering investigations and narcotics reverses. Investigators will be shown how easy and cost effective it is to set up an undercover storefront location.  Conducting covert operations in these facilities increases officer safety and the safety of the general public.


The Tactical Narcotics Techniques theory will be covered, which will show how to conduct operations that target problem area's that are suffering from narcotics violators and prostitution.  Undercover street level narcotics reverses will be covered, showing how to investigate narcotics and gang related subjects.  Case studies on long term street level narcotics investigations will be presented during the training.  

The underground world of Pit Bull fighting has recently come to the fore front of the main street media, however illegal dog fighting organizations have been flourishing for over a century in the U.S.  This course will detail and expose the Pit Bull fighting rings that are operating in every state in the U.S.  Case studies and numerous undercover videos of actual Pit Bull matches will be shown during the conference.  Students will learn the terminology and how subjects train and set up dog fighting matches.

The conference will additionally cover how to set up undercover Internet sting operations and how to properly conduct investigations targeting sexual predators.  Case studies will be presented on how to go after the on line predators that are currently targeting children via the Internet. Investigators will also learn how to target prostitution subjects and escorts by utilizing the Internet. 


                                            Class Program

                                 Tactical Narcotics Techniques

                                  Undercover Street Level Narcotics Reverses

                                  Conducting Safe Prostitution Stings

                                  Decoy and Undercover Safety Issues

                                  Investigating Human Trafficking Organizations

                                  Juvenile Prostitution Investigations

                                  Undercover Massage Parlor Investigations

                                  Escort Investigations

                                  Undercover Strip Club Investigations

                                  Club Raids and Operational Planning

                                  Sneak and Peek Search Warrants

                                  Investigative and Surveillance Techniques

                                  RICO Violations

                                  Undercover Storefront Operations

                                  Long Term Street Level Narcotics Investigations

                                  Ethics and Legal Issues

Conference Instructors

Kelly Sullivan: 

Kelly is a Sergeant with the Miami-Dade Police Department, currently assigned to the Public Corruption Investigations Bureau.  He has over 16 years of law enforcement experience and prior to his current assignment, was the supervisor for the MDPD Organized Crime Section, Vice Unit for five years.  During his tenure in the OCS Vice Unit, Kelly was tasked with the oversight of complex investigations including; Child Prostitution, Human Trafficking, Organized Prostitution, Organized Gambling, Continuing Criminal Enterprises (RICO), Murder for Hire, Murder Conspiracy, Organized Crime-related Extortions, and Money Laundering.  During his tenure in this assignment, he and his unit were active participants in the US Attorney’s Office South Florida Human Trafficking Task Force (FBI / ICE / MDPD / HPD / FDLE) and the FBI Innocence Lost Minor Vice Task Force (FBI / MDPD / MPD / MBPD).  The OCS Vice unit initiated and participated in numerous long-term investigations which resulted in a multitude of arrests, Federal indictments, prosecutions and monetary seizures/forfeitures.  Throughout his role as the Vice Unit Sergeant, Kelly took an active role in all facets of the investigations, including numerous undercover assignments, report preparation and review, grant writing and monitoring, and surveillance and enforcement operations.  Kelly’s primary area of expertise is in the areas of Human Trafficking and Child Prostitution, and he has been a presenter at the United States Attorney’s Office-Miami, the Broward Sheriff’s Office, and the Miami-Dade Police Department on both of these topics.


Phil Dorfman: Sergeant, Delray Beach Police Department.

Phil was in the Vice and Narcotics division for nine years and has conducted numerous narcotics and vice related operations.  The Delray Beach Police Department along with the Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office initiated undercover operations utilizing "Sneak and Peek" search warrants on illicit massage parlors.  Phil has developed a presentation based on investigative techniques utilized during their undercover investigations.  Case studies on how to write the specialized warrants, technical surveillance issues and successful prosecution of prostitution subjects will be presented during his lecture.


Mike DeMarcus: Detective (ret), North Miami Beach Police Department

With over 21 years of law enforcement experience.  Mike has been in the Vice, Intelligence and Narcotics unit for over 14 years and has worked on a DEA task force as well as a state task force specializing in money laundering and narcotics investigations.  Mike has extensive experience in narcotics reverses, indoor marijuana grow houses and long term crack cocaine investigations.  Mike has participated in numerous long term investigations targeting and prosecuting both money laundering and narcotics trafficking subjects.  Mike has also served as the case agent on several long term Strip Club investigations and has developed a comprehensive class on club raids.


 Bob Volguardson: Detective, Boca Raton Police Department. 

Bob is assigned to the Vice and Narcotics unit and has performed numerous in depth investigations on both Escort services and illicit massage parlors in Palm Beach County.  Bob will present different theories and methods that should be utilized to properly investigate and prosecute individuals and businesses involved in the prostitution trade.



Heather Weyker

Officer, St. Paul Police Department with over 16 years experience.  Heather is currently assigned to a Vice/Human Trafficking Unit.  She has an extensive background working in narcotics, vice, and undercover operations/investigations.  Heather has worked with the DEA Task Force, JTTF, and on various other task forces.  She has taught Use of Force and Firearms courses, as well as report writing, various Vice seminars, and many Human Trafficking conferences.  She recently assisted in writing a Minnesota State Bill to change and improve the prostitution, and sex and labor trafficking laws.  She serves on many committees’ to assist in the education of human trafficking and its awareness.  Heather has an extensive background in writing search warrants, subpoena's, and various other forms of investigative techniques.  She has worked undercover operations most of her career in all forms: from surveillance, buying/selling narcotics, all types of prostitution details, to include hotels, street, parks, John/Jane Sweeps, reverse operations.

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