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Advanced Firearms Instructor Methods

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About the course

Advanced Firearms Instructor Methods - The Firearms Instructor as Coach – is an intensive interactive, multi-media course using discussion, hands-on activity and exercises that develop firearms instruction and coaching skills. This highly regarded training applies the most current understanding of how Law Enforcement Officers’(LEOs) brains learn to perform with how Firearms Instructors and supervisors and trainers can best improve the performance of LEOs. The class will prepare LEO Firearms Instructors and Firearms Supervisors to build and deliver effective use of force decision support and firearms performance improvement instruction using evidence-based methods. This program with make LEOs safer and more effective in the street, while getting the most from available training time and resources. De-escalation is a focus of this course.

Participants will be immersed in learning and practicing the very best, evidence based curriculum development and instructional methods training in a “Learn it today, use it tomorrow” format.

NOTE: This is an advanced firearms instructor methods course. There may be limited hands-on firearms activity during the class, approved and supervised by a firearms instructor approved by NVCJTA. Participants will need duty equipment including a firearm that they are qualified to carry, as well as a training prop for their issued sidearm(ex. “blue gun”). Participants will need protective equipment for their eyes, ears, and body armor. 100 rounds of training ammunition for participants issued sidearm is required for the course. Participants will bring a copy of their agency’s use of force policy(including de-escalation policy), and copies of their agency qualifications courses for issued sidearms and longarms.

Topics include:
How LEOs learn and Why Crawl, Walk, Run Firearms Training Methods Work
Show’em what right looks like - Building Best Work Practices
Rep the Work. Coach Good Reps.
Feedback Coaching
Performance Management

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