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ASP Instructors Course

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ASP Instructor Certification
ASP Instructor Certification (AIC) is a tuition-free, three-day integrated training program that incorporates tactical batons, restraints, and flashlights. This brief provides important information and answers to common questions about your upcoming training—if you have additional questions or need any other assistance, please email the ASP Training Coordinator at, or (800) 236-6243.

Class hours are 0800 to 1700 each day, with a total program length of 24 hours, unless otherwise noted. A lunch break and other breaks will be provided throughout the day (participants are on their own for lunch). This is a physically demanding course, so participants are encouraged to bring what they need to stay hydrated.

The following health and fitness standards are suggested, at a minimum, for the selection and qualification of individuals to participate in the ASP Instructor Certification (AIC) Program. These are general guidelines only, to illustrate the basic level of fitness required for successful completion. Final responsibility for selection of Instructors rests with the participant’s agency:
• No known heart or lung problems
• No known bone or joint disorders
• No history of back problems
• Able to complete a one mile run in 12 minutes or less
• Able to do 25 consecutive push-ups
• Able to perform 50 consecutive bent leg sit-ups

Regular exercise is recommended in preparation for participating in an AIC, with focus on:
• Wrist, elbow and shoulder limbering and strengthening
• Leg strengthening
• Back limbering
• Aerobic conditioning (fast walking, jogging, running, swimming and bicycling)

A Release from Liability must be signed by each participant prior to the training program.

Each participant must bring the following equipment to the AIC:
• Pants suitable for training (e.g., uniform/tactical) with belt
• Duty belt and belt keepers
• Athletic protector (optional)
• Shoes with good lateral and linear support (not running shoes)

No functional firearms or knives are allowed at the training.

ASP provides most of the equipment and materials necessary for Instructor training. Some will be yours to keep at the conclusion of the course, some may be available for individual or agency purchase on-site, and some must be returned to ASP.

Past experience has shown that the ASP equipment most frequently needed by agencies to conduct their own training includes:
• Training Bags
• Foam Training Batons and Carriers
• Batons
• Scabbards
• Ultra Cuffs (training versions and “live” versions)
• Tri Fold Restraints (training versions and “live” versions)
• Tactical Flashlights
• Mouth Guards
As noted above, some of this equipment may be available for discounted purchase (typically offered first to the hosting agency) On-site purchase availability is limited and not guaranteed; ASP training equipment can always be purchased from an authorized Distributor—see

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