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Basic Fraud investigations for New Detectives

Course length


About the course

This 2-day, 16-hour class has been designed for new detectives with two years’ experience or less and criminal justice personnel who have attended the New Detective class and have the ambition to become a detective.

In the Legal Codes block, the students will learn:
 Common Virginia Code sections and Supplemental Code Sections, their specific Elements and how
they are used together in an investigation.

In the Legal Process block, the students will learn how to use the following Documents, Devices or Providers to further their investigations:
 Subpoena Duces Tecum, Search warrants, Electronic Service Providers, Non-Disclosure Agreement
 Sealing Order

In the Legal process block students will learn how to obtain information from organizations, how to research information on-line and the process to obtain professional certifications.

In the Federal Agencies block, the student will learn how identify resources that are available through federal agencies to obtain information to further their investigations. The student will also learn which local Federal Task Forces are available to them and their respective member agencies.
In the Investigation block, students will learn:
 How to write or produce a Subpoena to obtain evidence or investigative leads.
 The Elements of the Bank Security Act and they impact an investigation
 The use and limitations of a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) and a Currency Transaction Report (CTR)
 How to investigate money Transfers

In the case management block the student will learn:
 How to manage the data and information and how to prepare a case to be presented in court

In the Schemes block, students will learn of the methods used to commit a common fraud scheme and their elements.

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