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Crime Scene Processing and Evidence Collection

Course length

40 Hours

About the course

This course is designed for personnel who are newly assigned to evidence collection and crime scene processing duties. The participants will examine basic evidence collection, documentation and preservation techniques. This course includes simulated crime scene scenarios, which will require participants to apply the techniques learned and demonstrated in class. This course only includes a one hour review of crime scene photography. Participants interested in developing additional photography skills should attend the week-long Crime Scene Photography class, which is normally scheduled the week prior to this Evidence Collection class.

For the Computer Scale Diagramming Lesson, students should bring a MDT or Laptop loaded with the SmartRoads Crash Diagramming Program that’s a built-in part of ReportBeam, which is the standard crash report program from Virginia DMV.
Also, bring a flashlight!

Experienced crime scene evidence technicians should NOT be attending this course

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