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Criminal Drug Interdiction Techniques

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About the course



Course Objectives:

Get “Addicted” with the many whom have learned the “ins and outs” of Criminal Patrol techniques with Greg Goltz and CRIMINAL ADDICTION INC. This course is 3-days (24 Hrs.,) of Current, Valuable Classroom training. It is developed especially for: Any and all Uniformed officers, K-9 Handlers, Investigators, Prosecutors, and supervisors who are actively, or interested in proactively locating and seizing contraband from individuals that use the nation’s highways, city streets, Interstates, and parks as well as those who frequent hotel/motels and other public places. All material is taught and conducted so participants can develop the skills and confidence required working Criminal Interdiction when the opportunity arises. Greg Goltz and CRIMINALaddiction Inc. are nationally recognized with his course.
Students will see first-hand how Criminal Patrol techniques can yield large and small drug and other type arrests from legal contacts with many people of society regardless of age, sex, race, gender or any other class or designation. These students will learn about the growing number of drugs they may see in their area and how to battle them. The students will learn how to put these legal techniques into place with these types of contacts after completing the class. Students will also learn of the incredible advanced concealment places in land vehicles (all type of passenger type vehicles: 2 and 4 door cars, SUV’s, Van, Pickup Trucks) that smugglers and other people involved in criminal activity hide the drugs, weapons, currency and the countless other items of contraband.
After attending, each student attending will have been provided the instruction to:
• Understand the current patterns and trends of contraband smugglers.
• Understand the exponential growth of Mexican Cartels and their impact.
• Identify legal traffic stops as well as all types of law enforcement encounters to include consensual encounters.
• How to make the initial traffic stop safely and then it into the Criminal Interdiction arrest.
• Identify the conversational questions and concealed interviews during the encounter.
• How to request consent properly and legally.
• Understand the proper K-9 deployment methods and case law pertaining to K-9’s.
• How to properly and thoroughly search vehicles.
• Identifying Indicators of Criminal Activity.
• Identifying search and seizure laws especially search incident to arrest, probable cause, consent and other legal techniques.
• How and when actual search techniques should escalate.
• Locating hidden contraband in very sophisticated compartments.
• What should be done when collecting the cellular phones and “pocket-trash”.
• What to do after criminal activity or contraband is located AND WAY MORE, MORE, MORE.
Also, students will learn and see
• Real life, In-Car camera footage of Criminal Interdiction arrests and contraband locations
• Hundreds of current photos/slides of actual arrests, compartments etc...
• Up to date case law
• How Drugs are tied to some Terrorist networks cells and how to stop them
• Proper way to make currency seizures using Asset Forfeiture
• Course outline manual for each student to keep for court or future reference
• 150- plus pictured manual of traps, drugs and more
• Identify how to be more officer safety conscious!
• And most importantly how to do all this legally, ethically and correctly
CRIMINAL ADDICTION Inc’s class also is one of the few that has in-depth information for officers to learn and understand about: Tranq, Fentanyl, 2CI, 2CE, GHB, Khat, PCP, Flakka, Molly, Liquid meth and much more identification of other illegal drugs.
• How to safely handle and test these drugs.
• What to do after locating them

Your Instructor:
Greg Goltz is a 33-year veteran trooper. He is the instructor for his agency in Criminal Interdiction- Patrolling and has instructed Criminal Interdiction/Patrolling to thousands of law
enforcement officers and their agencies from all over the United States. Greg is a veteran Police Service Dog handler, Firearms instructor and Team Leader for SWAT. He also worked very successfully in undercover operations purchasing illegal drugs of all kinds.
While working in the Patrol Division he has seized millions of dollars in United States drug related currency and literally thousands of pounds of contraband all while making normal traffic stops that he turned into Criminal Interdiction arrests/seizures. While still employed as a LEO he created CRIMINALaddiction Inc. and now travels all over the United States putting on seminars about these topics of: Interdiction, Search and Seizure, Basic Drug Investigations, Concealment (advanced) and much more. He is a declared Expert witness in both the State and Federal court systems and actively testifies about this subject matter for his own arrest cases as well as he is called upon for Expert testimony. He has received numerous awards for his Interdiction efforts and the training he provides, and currently has several “record size” seizures. He also has made presentations about this subject matter to several Governors. Greg is also responsible for very important case law that better enables officers to do this work including the now important United States v. Morgan, Walker, Jones. Join him, as he wants to spread his knowledge of catching people involved in all types of criminal activity and learn firsthand from individuals who are out there every day working the “ins and outs” of criminal interdiction / patrolling.
Special Requirements: A thirst for gaining an insight on properly doing Criminal Interdiction arrests.

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