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Crisis Intervention Training

Course length


About the course

Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) is a critical skill set for policing in the 21st century. This training is crucial to meet the high demand of calls for service involving a mental health component. This class is designed to educate and prepare law enforcement officers to recognize the signs and symptoms of a mental health crisis and how to respond appropriately. The student will also be shown active listening and communication techniques. This model of training was developed by the Memphis/San Antonio police departments which emphasizes the collaboration between law enforcement and community services personnel. The class will focus on basic mental health disorders, intellectual and developmental disabilities, in person presentation with consumers with lived experience, veterans in crisis, children and adolescents, substance abuse, suicide prevention/intervention, mental health law and de-escalation skills. Students will also participate in practical scenarios involving the topics discussed. This class will provide students with the confidence needed to effectively communicate with an individual experiencing a mental health crisis and resources to assist with long term solutions.

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