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Cryptocurrency Investigations

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Course Description:

This course will provide basic training on defining cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, identifying and accessing storage locations, and basic skills and techniques for law enforcement officers working a cryptocurrency case. Narcotics cases and trends will be utilized to demonstrate patterns and methods of cryptocurrency identification and tracking techniques.

Your Instructor:
Byron Boston served twenty (20) years with Dallas Police Department before retiring in May 2017. He spent over fourteen (14) years in the Narcotics Division as an undercover officer. For five (5) years, Byron was assigned to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as a Task Force Officer (TFO) to investigate Mexican Cartels and other criminal organizations impacting the Southwest Border of the United States. These investigations involved drug trafficking, extortions, kidnappings, and homicides.
Throughout Byron’s career, he utilized a variety of Open-source Intelligence methods to track, interact, and surveil targets of criminal investigations. These methods included online tracking, cell phone tracking and popular apps.
Byron spent seven (7) years assigned to a Mid-level Undercover Enforcement Unit and was tasked with infiltrating violent drug trafficking organizations, posing as a large-scale drug trafficker. During those assignments, he rented undercover apartments and spent months gaining the trust and confidence of the targeted criminals. As a result of those investigations, over 200 gang members were arrested and convicted of various narcotic and firearm-related crimes.
Byron’s last undercover assignment involved investigating several drug-related overdose deaths involving North Texas teens. Byron and his partner were tasked with conducting an undercover operation to target the sources of those narcotics. Using unconventional undercover techniques, they were able to solve several overdose death cases and were ultimate nominated for the Dallas Police Officers of the year. During this time, Byron also encountered cases involving the dark web and cryptocurrency. He currently possesses cryptocurrency investigation certifications from industry leading blockchain analysis companies.
Byron is currently a Reserve Dallas Police assigned to the Criminal Intelligence Unit and actively assists Detectives with cell phone analysis, open-source intelligence, digital search warrant preparation, and other investigative needs. He also continues to serve as a training officer within the Narcotic Division.
Byron has been a national training instructor for over fifteen (15) years teaching various training programs. He has been fortunate to train thousands military, federal, state, local, and tribunal law enforcement officers from across the United States and Canada with exception reviews.
Byron possesses a Master of Arts in Emergency Management and Homeland Security from Arizona State University.

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